Guard Dog Instafire Runners Pepper Spray-Sweat Resistant Carrier-Fits in Hand

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  • ACTIVE PROTECTION: This self-defense pepper spray fits in a comfortable lightweight sleeve, keeping it accessible, concealed and comfortable - ideal for runners, joggers and dog walkers.
  • RED HOT FORMULA: The hottest pepper spray available today, the 18% OC pepper spray and invisible UV identifying dye formula will stop an assailant up to 12 feet away.
  • SAFE FOR ACTIVE MOVEMENT – With a handy twist top for quick open and a lock to prevent accidental discharge, the portable pepper spray is lab-tested for accuracy and heat.
  • SAY NO TO HOOK AND LOOP FASTENERS: Unlike other pepper sprays marketed for runners and joggers, the InstaFire is made with a sweat-resistant, non-abrasive lycra material that propels moisture instead of the discomfort and itch that comes with Hook and Loop Fasteners.
  • FREE PEPPER SPRAY FOR LIFE: Guard Dog industry-exclusive Protected 4 Life program replaces your pepper spray in the event of use. See our video for more information on this popular, free program!

Stay Protected While Staying Active

With the Guard Dog Instafire pepper spray, you can feel confident and protected when out running alone, knowing that you’re ready to disarm any potential assailant in seconds. Designed specifically for runners, joggers, walkers and others engaging in outdoor activities, a breathable, comfortable, lightweight sleeve conceals a can of concentrated pepper spray right in the palm of your hand. Your thumb will be just a hair away from triggering the easy to open twist top. It’s the quickest, most accessible mini pepper spray on the market, all in a sweat-proof sleeve.

The Hottest Spray on the Market

At 18% concentration, Guard Dog’s InstaFire is the hottest “burn” available. Also in the formula is a special ultraviolet dye that is invisible to the eye but can’t be washed off, assisting law enforcement professionals in identifying an assailant after an attack. With a firing range of up to 12 feet and enough hot pepper spray for multiple shots, the InstaFire concealed pepper spray is your best defense on the go.

Free Pepper Spray for Life

Safe and laboratory tested, the top of the canister acts as a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge, but activation is easy with one quick thumb motion. In the event of use, Guard Dog’s industry-exclusive Protected 4 Life Program will provide you with free lifetime pepper spray replacement, so you will always be prepared.

Guard Dog InstaFire Runners Pepper Spray Features:

  • Unique activewear design
  • Breathable, lightweight sleeve
  • 18% OC red pepper spray
  • 12 foot range
  • Safety top
  • Free pepper spray replacement
  • Made and tested in the USA

Safety is no accident. Buy your InstaFire Pepper Spray today!