Gun Fun Shooting Targets - Zombie Series Pack #1, 19" x 24" (10 Pack)

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Gun Fun Shooting Targets - Zombie Series Pack #1, 19" x 24" (10 Pack) 

We've learned our lessons. Don't get bit. Aim for the head. Double tap. But when the zombies rise and the apocalypse is upon you, how tall will you stand? Be ready for them with Gun Fun Shooting Target's; Zombie Series Pack. All Gun Fun Shooting Targets include multiple target zones with scoring rings to improve accuracy and aid in sighting. These fun targets can be used with firearms, bow and arrow, air rifle or child-safe foam darts. You can hit all the targets placed on these zombies. Your life, maybe even the fate of the planet, could depend on it. Just remember, only a head shot will put them down for good. Yeah - it's time for your trigger finger to get happy. These are not splatter targets. These targets come folded.

  • Contains TWO of each shooting target: Todd, Fang, One-Eye, Skinbag & Rhonda.
  • Works with any pistol, rifle, or gun.

  • Target size: 19" x 24"

  • These targets are black light ready.

  • Paper shooting targets, do not splatter.

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