Mophie Juice Pack Air - Slim Protective Mobile Battery Pack Case for iPhone 6/6s

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Mophie Juice Pack Air - Slim Protective Mobile Battery Pack Case for iPhone 6/6s - Black

100% extra battery and protection for your iPhone 6s/6

Powerful 2,750mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Talk time: up to 14 additional hours

  • Web browsing: up to 10 additional hours

  • Video Playback: up to 11 additional hours

  • Music Playback: up to 50 additional hours

Charge anywhere by flipping a switch.

Integrated standby switch allows you to choose when to charge or save some juice for when you need it most. The LED power indicator displays the juice pack battery levels and charge status. Know before you go.

The ideal everyday case to keep you charged through the day and well into the night.

Everyday protection. All day power.

Smart battery technology offers a safe, quick charge that provides more than 100% extra battery for the days that don’t end when you leave the office.

Protective yet compact design.

Durable outer-band, raised bezel edge and rubberized support pads inside of full-case protection guard your phone from drops and hard falls.

  • INCREASED BATTERY LIFE –Extend your phone’s battery life with this rechargeable 2,750mAh lithium-ion polymer battery in a protective cover. It adds 100% more power to your battery’s life when used. Make it standby by just clicking the button at the bottom and monitor its status too, with the LED light indicator it comes with.

  • HIGH LEVEL PROTECTION – This hard yet slim phone shell provides your phone with the utmost protection it needs even when not charging. Rubberized supports guard your phone’s edges from drops and hard falls with superior shock absorption. Feel confident with a phone case that delivers excellent protection while looking great at the same time.

  • EASY TO INSTALL – This juice pack is easy to install. Just separate its top cap and slide your iPhone all the way to the bottom section until the lightning connector is fully inserted into your phone. After that, just put the top cap back on, and your iPhone is good to go.

  • ONE FLIP SWITCH – The handy button located on the back of your case lets you decide when your phone needs the extra power. Battery charge can easily be monitored too with a built-in LED power indicator. Put your juice pack on standby or energize when you need it the most.

  • ADDITIONAL TIME FOR FUN – As the juice pack provides you with 100% more battery power, you get to enjoy: talk time up to 28 additional hours; web browsing up to 20 additional hours; and video playback up to 22 additional hours. Product Dimensions - 2.92 x 6.10 x 0.61 inches

  • This device has a headphone adapter included in the packaging. Enables pass-through charge and sync while connected to a computer. Your phone recharges first and then the juice pack case recharges itself. Charge Vault Technology

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