Operation Ghost Flight By Stephen Yoham

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Operation Ghost Flight

H. Hunter Mahoy, a top-notch tax consultant in Miami, accidentally records a conversation between clients, Cuban businessmen, discussing their involvement in the death of a US Senator three years earlier. Mahoy takes the recording to the FBI bureau chief in Miami who seems uninterested in the old case. On the way back to his car, Hunter gets mugged. Then his office gets ransacked. He mails a letter to an old flame, Morgan Lindsey, a Washington Herald reporter, knowing full well she will investigate further. 

Several days later, while soaring high over the Everglades in a high-performance fiberglass sailplane, Hunter suffers a midair collision with a military stealth fighter and ends up riding his parachute into the swampy saw grass below. He stumbles upon an entrance to an underground base where he overhears top US government officials plotting to drop a laser-guided bomb from a stealth fighter on Fidel Castro and US President James Weber during a historical meeting at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in just two weeks' time. Hunter also learns they are searching for the downed sailplane pilot so they can kill him to keep the stealth fighter midair incident a secret. At least one person in the CIA is also involved in their Operation Ghost Flight.

Hunter and Morgan are forced to team up. Not able or willing to trust anyone, the race is on for them to warn President Weber directly while two different groups are trying to kill them at every turn. 

    • Paperback: 326 pages

    • Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc. (January 12, 2017)

    • Language: English

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