Pillow Protector - Pillow Covers - Waterproof - Hypoallergenic - King Size

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Pillow Protector - Pillow Covers - Waterproof - Hypoallergenic- Sure Premium - Multiple Sizes 10 Year Warranty QTY. 1 (King Pillow Case)

Sure Mattress Protector

Prolong the life of your mattress and get a restful night's sleep by keeping it safeguarded and sanitary from skin cells, mold, dust, liquids, and other allergy triggers. Once a liquid stain reaches your mattress, it is very difficult to remove. It may make the mattress unusable, and will void your mattress warranty.

Waterproof - This mattress cover blocks liquid spills to prevent any damage.

Hypoallergenic - Ideal for eczema, asthma, and allergy sufferers. It shields your mattress against dust mites, bacteria, allergens, urine, perspiration, and fluids. It traps all body particles on the surface so they can be easily washed away.

Quiet- Comfortable, temperature regulating, and breathable, this cooling mattress protector is designed with premium microscopic holes in it’s membrane layer, which allow it to circulate air while blocking out particles and liquids.

Breathable - This breathability maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature and reduces body heat.

Advanced technology allows this mattress protector to be as thin as a non-protective mattress cover.

One-size-fits-all -Its fitted sheet style adapts to and fits 8” to 18” mattress depths.

Machine washable- Just toss in the washing machine as you would any other mattress sheet or cover. Set dryer to low heat to make sure you do not damage the waterproof membrane.

Made with premium quality materials and construction, it stays cool and is hypoallergenic.

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