Play-Doh Town Road Worker With Jackhammer, Shovel, Pup, and 3 Cans of Play-Doh

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Play-Doh Town Road Worker and Pup

Product Overview

Meet the Play-Doh Town crew that always does their duty! This Road Worker and his faithful pup are ready to take on almost any job with their creativity- powered tools. Get the worker ready for the day by making his hair, putting on his hat, and pressing out his beard! The stamps on his feet make his wrench and some Play-Doh bricks. Squeeze building beams out of the jackhammer, or press Play-Doh water from the hydrant. Dig, scoop, and squish piles of Play- Doh dirt with the shovel, and use the traffic-themed Play-Doh cans to keep the worksite contained. Don't forget to take the pup for a walk -- otherwise that shovel might have to double as a pooper-scooper! 


Shovel can cut, scoop, and squish Play-Doh compound
Take the pup for a walk or he might have a Play-Doh "accident"
Road Worker and his pup friend come with all the tools for the job
Get ready by making hair, putting on his hat, and pressing out his beard.


Includes figure with hat, pup extruder, hydrant extruder, jackhammer extruder, shovel, and 3 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound.

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