Shower Curtain Hooks Decorative - Squeeze to Open & Close Ring 12 Pack

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Shower Curtain Hooks Decorative - High Quality - Squeeze to Open & Close Ring - 12PK 

The Secret to Shower Curtain Rings and Hooks that Never Fall off the Rod 

Many shower curtain rings or hooks don't fasten easily. 

They fall off the rod and can rust. 

Just Hang Em sturdy, solid brass, highly polished, chrome-finish shower curtain rings provide a rust-resistant, glossy and stylish addition to your bathroom ensemble. They open and close securely just like squeezing a safety pin. 

Sturdy, Secure and Shiny 

Your bathroom is often part spa, part beauty retreat, and usually the best place for daily grooming activities. Your bath's interior design can be fresh, classy and contemporary. The chrome polished roller balls glide easily across your curtain rod, curved or not. Wipe with a damp cloth periodically to maintain a sparkling shine. 


  • Twelve Shower Curtain Rings (Hooks) (12 per set) 
  • Solid Brass - Rustproof 
  • Highly Polished Chrome Finish 
  • Corrosion Free 
  • Close and Open Easily - Can't Fall off the shower rod 
  • SQUEEZE TO OPEN AND CLOSE - Gently pinch the hanging circular shower curtain ring clasp to ensure its snap lock is open or closed and will hang firmly to the pole, rod, rail or track - resistant to any fall. No tools necessary - quick and easy 100% DIY bathroom decor installation
  • CAN'T FALL OFF THE SHOWER RODS - Once squeezed to close, your shower curtains and its liner set are secure and can never tug, droop or fall even if brushed - No binding, will anchor to your curved or adjustable bathtub tension rods
  • RUST PROOF - Constructed of brass material just like U.S. NAVY ship type nautical equipment exposed to ocean or blue sea water - new large heavy duty high grade rustproof PC pack for your tub or shower stall bath - best bathroom accessories sets
  • ROTATING ROLLER BALLS - (5) rolling balls on each large ring size ensure unique friction free and noise free easy glide across your shower rod range holder – genuine modern round ball designer
  • BRILLIANT SHINE - Highly polished clear chrome finish will maintain a strong reflective shine. Wipe each .hook piece with a clean hot or cold cloth weekly for extra long corrosion-free care – will not rust

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