SleekLighting Shoe Light Clip With LED Light (2 Pack)

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SleekLighting Shoe Light Clip With LED Light: Increased Safety For Runners, Cyclists & Walkers – Pack of 2 with Red And Green Shoe Light Clips

Stay Safe When Running Or Walking In Low Visibility Conditions & Protect Yourself! 

Whenever you decide to go out and run, you need to make sure that other people like cyclists, car drivers etc will be able to see you. 

Especially when you are running during the evening,night or early morning - when you might not be visible. And this could probably cause a fatal accident. 

Why allow this to happen, when you can stay safe and protect yourself with this amazing gadget? 

This Shoe Light Clip Ensures That You Are Always Visible In The Dark: 

With 2 light modes: flashing and solid - this little gem protects your life and lets car drivers see you instantly. 

Designed to easily clip onto the heel of your shoe, it’s a must have accessory for every runner, walker or biker! 

Why This Shoe Light Clip Is The Best One You Could Ever Buy: 
Fits a wide variety of shoes and securely attaches to them. Without even damaging your shoes! 
It’s extremely easy to use, install or remove. Yet, it stays strongly attached to your shoes when you are running. 
It produces the brightest security light – Guaranteed protection when you are running, walking or cycling in the darkness. 
You don’t get only one, but two shoe light clips in the same package! (red – green) 

Ships fast & free from Lake Forest, CA!