Sylvania 74021 3-Way LED Light Bulb, Soft White, 4.5/8.5/15 W

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Sylvania 74021 3-Way LED Light Bulb, Soft White, 4.5/8.5/15 W
  • BEAUTIFUL LIGHT - Enjoy the high quality light you're used to with incandescent bulbs without the energy cost. These bulbs produce a warm Soft White glow for a true-to-brightness replacement for common 3-way household bulbs. These light bulbs are nothing like CFLs. No warmup and 100% brightness every time you flip the switch with no flicker or hum.
  • SAVE UP TO 85% ON ELECTRICITY - Over the life of the bulb save up to $233! Up to 17% more efficient than the leading 3-way LED bulb. More efficient than incandescent or CFL and is Energy Star certified.
  • SYLVANIA QUALITY - Environmentally safe, RoHS compliant and contains no mercury, lead or other hazardous materials and does not emit UV or IR radiation.
  • SAME BULB NEW TECHNOLOGY - LED bulbs are the perfect lighting for your desk lamp, floor lamp, table lamps, and look great with or without a lamp shade. LED light bulbs can be used in pendant lighting, track lighting, chandelier, ceiling fans with lights, ceiling light, or even in your bathroom vanity or other bathroom light fixtures.
  • NEVER REPLACE A BULB AGAIN - This bulb will last up to 22.4 years (based on 3-hours per day usage) saving money and hassle. Never be left in the dark, and stop climbing ladders or last minute trips to the hardware store.

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