Syrtenty TENS Unit Electrodes Pads 4.5x6 inch butterfly 6 pcs Replacement Pads

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Syrtenty TENS Unit Electrodes Pads 4.5x6 inch butterfly 6 pcs Replacement Pads Electrode Patches For Electrotherapy 

Perfect companion for TENS, Massage, or Muscle Stimulation. An Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS) is used for the purposes of encouraging local pulse and blood circulation, contraction and relaxation of the muscles and treatment of several types of muscle tenderness. 

Frequently used by those who have vascular or musculoskeletal conditions, or have a high level of physical activities on a daily basis, like athletes. Syrtenty offers Self-adhering replacement electrode pads which make sure that electro stimulation works perfectly every session. 

Allows for a pain free life. If you are suffering from different types of acute and chronic pains you can manage the situation by using a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Device (TENS), often shortened to Neurostimulation. Through self-adhesive electrodes, the TENS unit decreases the pain by making sure the pain signals will not reach the brain, and releases endorphins to give the user a happier disposition. 

  • Premium Universal Compatibility Pigtail TENS unit pads are self adhesive reusable electrodes
  • Syrtenty TENS Pads Medical Electrodes are FDA Cleared OTC with resealable packaging for durability

  • TENS Electrodes Pads are used for electro stim TENS therapy like EMS and electrode massager

  • Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator Tens electrode pads builds muscle- electric stimulation Estim electrodes

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