Zuke's Super Betas Yummy Betas Blend Nutritious Soft Superfood Dog Treats 6 oz

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Zuke's Super Betas Dog Treats

Super nutritious and super delicious — Zuke's Supers help your dog's energy soar every day. Whether it's an afternoon of high-flying jumps or running circles in the backyard — dogs need superfoods to keep them going. That's why Zuke's helps support this healthy lifestyle with the naturally powerful nutrients found in superfood berries, betas and greens. 6oz bag.

  • Special blend of beta-carotene rich pumpkin, apricot, sweet potato, butternut squash & carrot
  • Highly palatable even finicky dogs can’t resist their fruits and veggies with Zuke’s Supers

  • Low gluten makes these tasty treats perfect for sensitive tummies

  • No wheat, corn, soy or fillers added for a truly nutritious treat